Apparently, someone has a habit of looking! Earlier this year, Brad Pitt was seen in a watch company feldmar when she posed with the Instagram star Laurel Monroehe is watch momwith new Historic watch Vacheron Constantin 222 in yellow gold, to match her image. Just a few weeks ago he wore Patek Philippe World Timer on occasion Golden Globe 2023. His biggest feat was to save it for this weekend’s Wimbledon final, where he wore a different version. 222. Pitt’s latest watch has sent the watchmaking world into a frenzy and may be the subtlest sign of the company’s next direction. vashron.

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Vacheron 222 the model under consideration is very different from the model Brad Pitt wore in January. His new watch is release vintage, released around 1977, when the 222 was released. The actor is clearly such a big fan of the new version, which was unveiled in 2022, that he’s added a vintage piece to his collection. The biggest difference is that in this case we are dealing with a stainless steel sports watch.

The Gold 222 was one of the biggest innovations of the past year and was part of a series of sports watches released in the 1970s, including Patek Philippe Nautilus Andaudemars Piguet Royal Oak. While the last two models have become iconic for their brands, the 222 was discontinued after only eight years. Despite this, their sporty sensibility and luxury combined with short-term shortages have made these watches very popular in recent years. According to watch magazine Revolution, the steel version of the Pitt regularly sells for between 84,000 and 195,000 euros.

Wimbledon final on Sunday Carlos Alcaraz broke 10 year dominance Novak Djokovic, which has already become a classic in the history of tennis. However, in the internet niche of watch lovers, everyone seems to be in tune with center court From Wimbledon just to see a new pattern on Brad Pitt’s wrist. watch expert Nick Gould he was already worried after seeing the snippet “in the first 10 minutes of the male finale,” he wrote on Instagram. “You’ve seen him here for the first time and I probably won’t get credit for introducing him to you 😒.” Much credit, however we admit it! Also Brynn Wallner founder’s mother coin sent a bat signal to Pitt’s watch. This copy will really appeal to the public: an absolute masterpiece on one of the most famous (and handsome) men in the world. What could be better? Well, what about spicy predictions?

Let’s try to put forward an imaginary hypothesis. Watch Brad Pitt222 stainless steel is exactly what everyone has been waiting for from Vacheron this year. After the success of the gold model, this seemed like a natural choice. Instead, the brand surprised everyone and focused on its sporty model. Abroad. Perhaps Pitt’s watch is a strategic move, another element of the advertising campaign, anticipating the release of the 222 in steel in 2024. Or maybe an actor Cool World – Escape from the dream world he just has exquisite taste.

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 Apparently, someone has a habit of looking! Earlier this year, Brad Pitt was seen in a watch company feldmar when she posed with the Instagram star Laurel