We’ve been doing these Talking Watches videos for a long time now – about a decade, in fact. And the minute we launched our very first one in the fall of 2013, we started to receive suggestions about who to feature next. And I’m proud to say that we’ve checked off a very sizable chunk of them. One name that appeared most often due to his simply incredible collection of watches seen rather publicly on stage was Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. He’s been wearing insanely cool watches for an insanely long time (relative to the greater celeb watch-wearing world), and I am pleased to say, Mr. Levine does not disappoint.

You could call Adam Levine a “Rolex man” and he would take that as a great compliment.

I think it’s easy to think that being a collector of great things at the level of someone like Adam Levine – whose band Maroon 5 has won several Billboard Awards, even more American Music Awards, and a few Grammys – would be easy. But as one’s success increases, so do the number of people, places, and things that are trying to distract you. In addition to being the frontman for Maroon 5, a husband and father of young children, he’s also the co-founder of Calirosa Tequila. And through it all, Adam has been early to so many things: contemporary art and furniture, cars (he owned an incredibly early Singer 911 – before there was a waiting list), and of course, vintage watches. 

Photo: Guy Prives/Getty Images

In this video, we travel to Adam’s family home in Montecito, California, to chat about what got him excited about watches to begin with, what his first watch was (it’s now on his mother’s wrist), what he’s into now, and the custom-designed watch that he just finished that you’ll see in the video. 

Adam has been around the block for a while – and now just buys what he wants, not what he “should” want.

You can tell that Adam has been around the watch collecting world by all that he’s seen, owned, and in some cases, sold. In many ways, Adam Levine is an old school watch collector – buying what he loves and not caring what other people think. He’s owned everything someone “should” and now his collection is simply full of things he loves. And that’s the best kind of watch collection.

Without further ado, please enjoy the official Hodinkee Talking Watches with Adam Levine.

Rolex Daytona Ref. 6263 Panda Paul Newman

Considered by many to be “THE” vintage Rolex, Adam thinks the Panda Paul Newman 6263 is the best looking watch he’s ever seen. No arguments here. 

If you go out onto the interwebs and look at pictures of Adam, there’s a good chance he’s wearing this watch. It’s a Rolex Daytona, Reference 6263 Paul Newman – or lovingly known as the “Panda.” The 6263 has screwdown pushers, a two-color dial, and well, is about as iconic a Rolex as one could feasibly ask for. The 6263 has long been the top of the heap in the vintage Rolex world, and with Jay-Z recently acquiring a special Tiffany-signed watch, coupled with Adam’s endorsement here, it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. What’s interesting is it’s this watch that inspired his custom project with Artisans de Geneve, which you’ll see below.


Rolex Daytona Ref. 6263 In Yellow Gold

You know what it is. And you have to respect it. A 6263, in gold.

If you’re Adam Levine and you love the Daytona, how can you not have a gold 6263? His choice here is a lovely gold-on-gold example that he’s purchased more recently. 

It just works, doesn’t it?

This is another absolutely iconic vintage Daytona that is a staple of a Rolex collection. Incidentally, I sold all my vintage Daytonas some years ago – except for one. The one I kept? A gold 6263. So you know I’m a fan.

Rolex Rainbow Daytona, Worn On Stage At The Super Bowl

The watch that started a revolution in Rainbow.

The year is 2018. Rolex shows a new Daytona at Baselworld (back when that was a thing), cased in its proprietary Everose material with a rainbow bezel, and corresponding hour markers. A Hodinkee editor named Cara Barrett proceeds to lose her mind. As does basically every other gem-set-loving human being on earth. That watch – which, it must be noted – followed other Rainbows in yellow gold and white gold with diamond hour markers – goes ahead and sets off something of a revolution in rainbow themed watches. 

The Rainbow works on Adam, doesn’t it?

Adam Levine wearing the Rainbow Rolex Daytona while performing at Super Bowl LIII. Photo: Getty Images

The Rainbow Daytona is absolutely iconic to those that understand it, and wildly misunderstood by those without the context in which it must live. And the perfect context for a Rainbow? On the wrist of a rock star named Adam Levine while he plays on stage at the goddamn Super Bowl! You really couldn’t ask for a better time, place, or situation to remind the world that, “Yes, I am a rock star, and yes, I wear a Rainbow Daytona.” And that’s exactly what Adam did.


Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 1675 Pepsi Given To Him By His Wife, Behati Prinsloo

This vintage GMT 1675 was a gift from Adam’s wife, Behati. 

Adam is one type of Rolex collector that doesn’t mind vintage watches as gifts to commemorate sentimental things. This GMT Master, reference 1675, was given to him by his wife Behati Prinsloo, for an anniversary. It is double engraved – once by the original owner, and again to him from Behati. Super cool.

Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi

If you’re going to have an old Pepsi bezel, why not a new one, too?

As you can see, Adam, like many of us, likes to collect in sets. He loves his vintage GMT, but that simply opened a door for him to need a modern GMT-Master as well. Though they are functionally and aesthetically similar, the aura around this watch is dramatically different than the vintage piece. And again, within his collection, it makes sense to have both.

Rolex Day-Date In Yellow Gold In Honor Of His Friend And Manager Jordan Feldstein

This is a watch for when you make it – and it’s a watch that reminds Adam of his long-time manager.

I don’t care what anyone says, there is not a watch on this earth that makes you feel more grown-up than a Rolex Day-Date. Adam agrees, and he purchased this yellow gold watch to honor his manager Jordan Feldstein, who tragically passed away in late 2018. Feldstein, Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein’s brother, was a childhood friend of Adam’s, and the namesake of the Maroon 5 album Jordi. This is the watch that Feldstein wore, and it’s a constant reminder of their relationship, which Adam credits with much of the band’s success. Though this yellow gold Day-Date isn’t Jordan’s actual watch, it now features his initials on the caseback in loving memory of his great friend and manager. 

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Ref. 5970P

The 5970P is the closest thing Patek has to a Paul Newman, right?

Patek is kinda hot right now, isn’t it? Adam got this 5970P recently, and though it is literally the only non-Rolex in his collection, it has a certain Rolex-like feeling. 

There’s something about a 5970 and tattoos. 

Consider the 5970 his gateway into Patek Philippe.

We’ve talked about the 5970 a lot over the years and how it might just be one of the greatest of all time. Adam agrees, and he admits that it has opened his eyes to the world of true high-end watchmaking, or haute horlogerie, as the Swiss call it. It’s a totally different thing than Rolex, he recognizes, but the 5970 has already got him scheming for the next big Patek… a 5208. Yup, he’s fully committed. 


Custom Rolex Daytona By Artisans De Geneve, Designed By Adam Levine

At a certain point, Adam stopped caring what he “should” own and just wanted to have fun. So he designed his perfect ideal of a watch with the help of Artisans de Geneve.

At a certain point, it feels like Adam simply stopped caring about what the often cranky world of serious watch collectors told him he must own, and decided to just start having fun. He’d seen some of the custom pieces the folks at Artisans de Geneve have done, and one night while laying in bed, he decided to email them out of the blue with the idea for his own Rolex Daytona. 

Adam’s gold Daytona is like a Paul Newman, but not. And it’s all his.

This unique watch was designed in collaboration with Adam and Artisans de Geneve.

After months of emails and Zoom calls, Adam and AdG founder John Isaac came up with the idea of a single gold Daytona with screw down pushers and white, Paul Newman-style dial – similar to the 6263 featured above – but with their own tweaks. You see skeletonized sub dials, and a WHITE bezel. On top of that, the entire dial and bezel are luminous, so they light up in the dark.

There is only one of these in the world, and it’s Adam Levine’s.

Adam describes this project and the resulting watch as one of the most rewarding things he’s done, and in many ways, it flies in the face of all the traditional watch nerdery that he’s subscribed to for so long – and that’s probably why it feels so good. This watch is his, in every single way, and it was born out of things that he loves for his own reasons. And there’s something beautiful about that.

Bonus: A Quick Look At Adam Levine’s Cars

Porsche Speedster

There’s is nothing more LA than a black Speedster. And his is an absolute gem.

Adam has owned a lot of cars over the years. But like with so many, once kids comes around, things change, and fast. The one classic car he will always hold on to is his late ’50s Porsche Speedster. The car is a born-black Speedster with Rudge wheels – otherwise known as an insanely desirable, objectively perfect spec.

His car is as clean and tidy as you’re ever going to see, and it makes sense that a guy who loves a 6263 Panda Paul Newman would drive a car like this – both are simply iconic in their cache, classic in their design, and effortless in their cool.

A 1969 Ford Bronco Resto-Mod

This 1969 Bronco has been fully modernized and updated in every way to make it far more usable in Adam’s daily life.

Look, Adam is nothing if not consistent. The way his watch collecting goes, so too goes his car collecting. On one end of the spectrum, you have a killer Speedster in rare factory colors, and on the other end, you have a fully re-done, resto-mod of a Ford Bronco. 

The shell of this car is pure 1969 Bronco, but everything about it has been upgraded and updated to be more usable, safe, and comfortable so that it fits his actual life better than a 50-year-old Ford truck might. Consider this the Artisans de Geneve Daytona to the Porsche’s 6263 Newman. Which does he like and use more? Just like with the watches, it depends on the day. And that’s a beautiful place to be.

 You asked, we delivered – at home with the Maroon 5 frontman and serious Rolex collector.