A teenager wielding a machete has admitted threatening to cut off Aled Jones’ arm in a horrific £17,000 Rolex robbery.

The 52-year-old Songs of Praise presenter was traveling with his son Lucas when he was attacked near their home in Chiswick, south west London.


Aled Jones was robbed while walking near his homePhoto credit: Rex


Aled, pictured with his wife Claire and children Lucas and Emilia, was devastated by the attackPhoto credit: MJ-Pictures.com

The 16-year-old thug pulled out a large blade and repeatedly threatened Aled in order to steal the luxury watch.

Aled handed over the £17,000 Rolex Daytona rather than fight the armed robber.

The teenager, who must not be named, pleaded guilty to robbery today Wimbledon District Court.

He also admitted to one instance of possession of an assault weapon in a public place.

Neither Aled nor his son Lucas were in court today as the teenager is due to be sentenced at a later date.

Prosecutor Robert Simpson said: “The applicant was walking with his son when he was approached by a youth in a black tracksuit.

“The defendant pulled a machete-shaped knife out of his sweatpants and threatened to cut off his (Aled) arm.

“He made various other threats in order to get a Rolex watch.

“Mr Jones took off his watch and handed it to the defendant, who then set off.”

Police managed to track down the teenager after he was caught on CCTV leaving the scene.

He was arrested at home, where police found a machete “matching the same type used to facilitate the robbery.”

Aled’s son Lucas also managed to identify the teenager after his arrest.

“Walking in the Air” singer Aled told The Sun he was “shocked” and “shattered” by the alleged incident last month.

He handed over the £17,000 Rolex Daytona watch instead of fighting his robber.

His 22-year-old wife Claire – a trapeze artist at the circus – and the couple’s 21-year-old actress daughter Emilia were elsewhere at the time.

It is not known if the Rolex was salvaged or returned to Aled.

A source said: “They were in a lovely part of west London.

“Aled was completely shocked when it came out of nowhere and everything happened so quickly.

“The robber threatened him with a machete and demanded the Rolex. Luckily, Aled was smart enough not to fight for the guard while a deadly weapon was being waved at him.

“The attacker had seen the Rolex and specifically aimed at him.

“Although Aled was shaken afterwards, he was quite relieved.

“He was glad he and Lucas were unharmed and made it home safely to the rest of their family.

“You can swap out a watch and everyone realized it could have been a lot worse.”

Aled became famous at the age of 14 with his version of “Walking in the Air” from the Christmas carol Movie The Snowman peaked at #5 in 1985.

The singer from Bangor, North Wales, was selling six million records and was singing to the Pope, Queen and Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana when he was 16 and his voice was breaking.

Aled is now presenting the BBC show Songs of Praise and hosting a morning session radio Broadcast on Classic FM.

He was awarded an MBE for services to music, broadcasting and charity in 2013.


The Rolex Daytona watch was taken away


Aled was devastated by what happened last monthPhoto credit: Getty A teenager wielding a machete has admitted threatening to cut off Aled Jones’ arm in a horrific £17,000 Rolex robbery.