In a shocking turn of events, luxury watchmaker Rolex has announced its acquisition of renowned retailer Bucherer. This news comes after nearly a century-long authorized retailer relationship between the two brands. Rolex, known for its prestigious timepieces, will now become the owner of Bucherer in a move that has raised several questions within the industry.

While the details of this new ownership structure are yet to be fully revealed, it is important to note that Rolex already owns the Tudor brand, which operates independently with its own CEO and manufacturing facilities in Le Locle. The integration of Bucherer into this structure will be interesting to observe as this international retailer has over 100 locations worldwide, with 53 of them currently retailing Rolex and 48 selling Tudor watches.

Additionally, Bucherer serves as an official after-sales service center for both Rolex and Tudor. The company’s extensive global presence and expertise in the luxury watch market have made it a valuable asset to these brands.

It is worth mentioning that Bucherer had previously acquired Tourneau in 2018, further expanding its reach in the watch retail sector. Rolex’s acquisition of Bucherer marks a significant development that will have a profound impact on the industry as a whole.

The implications of this acquisition are yet to be fully understood, and the watch community eagerly awaits more information. As the situation continues to unfold, Hodinkee will closely monitor and provide updates on this extraordinary development.

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