Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson worked in the WWE and established himself as one of the most prominent heels in the history of the promotion. However, the wrestling personalities and the WWE Universe know how humble he is in person. The Rock brings the security of a big and reliable brother to everyone wherever he goes. 

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Despite this, The Rock isn’t a person who doesn’t make mistakes. In a recently resurfaced interview, Johnson narrated a story where he felt very guilty after an error. In fact, Johnson gave away a brand new Rolex watch to the person who was hurt because of him.

The benevolence of the Scorpion King


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The Rock has worked across several amazing movie titles and franchises. While he is mostly famous for his action and comedy movies, Johnson also has some historical fiction under his belt. In fact, his very first film, The Scorpion King, was a historical fiction. Although the film did perform well at the box office, it still received a lot of backlash.  In a recently resurfaced interview, The Rock revealed a stunt mistake he made, which knocked down another stuntman. 

The video interview showcases a section of The Graham Norton Show. Johnson is known for his muscular build, and the show’s audience could imagine the damage taken by the stuntman. According to Johnson, “I had this big action sequence. And um I wound up hitting a stuntman and kind of clocking him super hard. He uh he was a little older he went down and I felt so bad. I was about defeated.” 

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The Rock later revealed that he pulled off something crazy to overcome his guilt. He said, “I bought him a Rolex watch and he was….. but that’s how bad I felt. I felt super bad because I mean these guys are the backbone of our business. uh, so I did buy him a Rolex watch.” The interviewer asked if The Rock faced any encounters of people trying to get hit by him on purpose. 

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Johnson said that yes, the story did get out and he could notice people trying to lean in closer. While this discussion ended with laughter, Johnson’s giving nature did not. In fact, The Rock has given back to people and the community on several occasions.

The Rock has consistently showcased his kind-hearted nature


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Everyone hails The Rock as a generous and benevolent person. The most electrifying man in the world of wrestling and entertainment doesn’t lose his spark when it comes to helping people. The most recent example was his donation to the people affected by the forest fires in Hawaii. Johnson has also helped several NFL aspirants to achieve their dreams by giving them financial help. While he has donated a lot of money, his aid isn’t just limited to cold hard cash.

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Dwayne Johnson and one of his greatest friends and co-stars, Kevin Hart, had gifted rescued pups to people. In fact, both actors actively supported a rescue organization and partnered with them to help stray pups and dogs. Hart and Johnson partnered with Best Friends Animal Society as part of the promotion of DC’s League of Super Pets. 


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However, the heart they put into the project couldn’t have been replicated if The Rock did not play a part in it. Are you a fan of The Rock? Have any of his generous acts impressed you? Let your thoughts flow in the comments section.

 Dwayne Johnson’s touching act: A Rolex gift to a stuntman he accidentally knocked down on the Scorpion King set.