Jimmy Butler is a huge tennis enthusiast and has been quite vocal about his support in recent times. The Miami Heat star has been spotted supporting some of her favorite stars at the US Open. Carlos Alcaraz, Coco Gauff, and Alexander Zverev all have the backing of Jimmy Buckets, as he’s been backing them from the stands. And recently, he showed up with a placard, announcing his return on Instagram, while also sporting a $397,792 Rolex.

Not too long ago, Butler sat through a long 281-minute match. The match in question saw Zverev take on Jannik Sinner in a scorcher. Zverev managed to outlast Sinner, winning the first, third, and fifth sets of their Round of 16 match-up. But, his involvement wasn’t limited to just sitting in the stands. He also worked as a ball boy and played with Carlos Alcaraz in a promotional event for the US Open.

Jimmy Butler was spotted at the US Open semi-final sporting a $397,792 Rolex watch

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler recently caught the attention of the media at the US Open. Having attended almost every match at the tournament, Jimmy took a small break before returning for the semi-finals. He was seen hoisting a sign stating, “Jimmy is back!” while watching Carlos Alcaraz’s game against Daniel Medvedev.

However, as mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first match Butler is attending. He’s been around the US Open for quite some time now, and some watch enthusiasts spotted him wearing a particularly nice piece during one match. To be specific, he was seen wearing a $397,792 Rolex.

The Rolex in question is a yellow-gold rainbow-jeweled Daytona that retails at $397,792 but can be sold for as high $950,000. A classy watch for a classy player like Himmy.

The match Jimmy attended, unfortunately, didn’t end well. As a fan of Carlos Alcaraz, he would have been disappointed to see him fall to Medvedev. Nevertheless, the Heat star is expected to be at the Finals game, but whether he will be supporting Medvedve or Novak Djokovic? No one knows.

Jimmy Buckets has been living it up this summer hanging out with the likes of Neymar and J Balvin

The US Open aside, Jimmy Butler has been enjoying himself in the off-season. Following a disappointing loss in the NBA Finals, Jimmy Buckets has been living it up in the summer. He’s been spotted partying with some of his good friends, including superstars like J Balvin and Neymar.

Balvin and Butler were both hanging out at the US Open and even spent time outside the tournament as well. And, the Heat forward, was present at Neymar’s gender reveal party as well, where they spent some quality time.

Butler seems to be having a lot of fun, but the 2023-2024 season is just around the corner, and preparations are already underway. Nevertheless, Jimmy has gained a reputation for himself over the years as someone who always shows up, and rest assured he will once the time to put his sneakers back on arrives.

 Jimmy Butler was spotter sporting a $397,792 Rolex watch while supporting Coco Gauff and Carlos Alcaraz at the US Open.