The esoteric nature of watch collecting brings with it people from all walks of life. The common thread in the watch collecting community is the passion for these little time keeping-machines on the wrist. In our watch collecting series L/R WRIST, we explore both wrists and what type of jewellery is paired on the other arm.

Our first episode takes us to the watch shop of Berne where we are joined by Quinton Ng. A long time watch collector (preferably in the vintage category), Ng’s accessory is just as you would expect, and carries a lot of historical significance. Quinton shares with us his 18k gold ref. 1803 Rolex Day Date, explaining that the 1803 is versatile as it can be fitted with various coloured straps for less serious occasions or joined with a gold bracelet for the ultimate boss look. The Day Date is one of the more prominent watches in the world of watch collecting.

As a collector of everything vintage, this watch is right at home with his denim collection and assortment of Native America silver jewellery. Paired with his watch are two Navajo bangles with turquoise stone. A cool little fact he shares was that some of the pieces he owns were made from old silver coins.

Check out the video above to learn more about what Quinton Ng wears on his wrists on the daily.

Always on a journey to expand his knowledge, Ambrose is a blend of old-school charm and modern curiosity.

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 Watch collecting brings with it people from all walks of life, but the common thread is the passion for these little time-keeping devices. 

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